Is it wrong to tell something which is not an absolute truth to someone in order to make them feel better? Or is it better to speak the truth even it is hurting the other people? What do you think about this? Which one do you prefer ? Beautiful lies or the ugly truth ?


As I park the car and stepped out of it – I feel sudden sorrow as if I can see a vision of my former self wandering around the campus , walking down the hallway to lecture room – picking up girls at the cafe and having fun with my friends. It was few years back. The memories kicks in.


We does not need to be rich to be happy – but being poor is not happy at all. We does not need to be famous to feel complete as some stars suffered depression from media pressure. We does not need to have a Phd to be recognized by others as Dashrath Manjhi was only a poor labor but people all over the world known him as the man who move the mountain.


Do not be ashamed to ask help – if you really need it. In order to learn we need to have a Guru, a Master, a Guiding Hand ; our own Yoda. If you do not ask, you won’t know the answer. But do not wait for someone to offer their help ; find your own Yoda. Learn your way and may the force be with you.


My mom used to owned a small cafe when she was 20 – not long after that she decided to close the cafe as she wanted to focus on managing the house chores and tending her children – all 8 of them. My mom is a business minded person – she would trade anything, sell anything but as our family getting bigger ; she decided to put her passion and interest on halt.


“Please don’t treat me like a child, I am a grown man. It is time for to choose what’s best for me.” He slammed the house door as he picks up his bag and move out of the house. She wiped her tears as she watch her son go.


“Hey mom, looks at me – I am flying, I am a bird” He is running around the playground extending his hand and flapping it like a bird. She smiled, hugged him tightly and whisper “You can be anything you want hon – as long as you wanted it so much”. She knows that one day she would need to let him go – to face the world.