Should I started this blog with a Hi ? Wondering if people actually read it. No, I am not going to start with Hi. I have made my mind – not about blogging or my life but about starting each post. No Hi for all of you – that is my decision, do not wait for it. You won’t get it and I will never say it.

So the title “Burung dan Batu” it is a Malay word for Bird and Stone. So I have been wondering and pondering as I am stuck between my life decision. I do not know how to choose or what to choose or I even have the idea on what are the choices that I have or got. A working man – newly graduated – been working for about 2 years at the end of current tenure and looking for something new, something fitting to my interest and profitable.

An IT graduated but not interested in pursuing IT-related career but also need money to survive. Current job paying enough but does not satisfied me. I want something else, I want more than a job – a lifestyle. So why the title ?

As I looking to make my life decision – I started to ask myself. Should I be like a bird “Burung” or a stone “Batu” ? Should I aim high – soar through the wind and enjoy the free life with possibilities to fall to ground or stay put like a stone – comfortable and safe yet boring.

All in all, decision has been made – I choose to soar away from comfort and into the new life away from previous life which dictates by what is written on my Degree certificate. I will endure pain but pleasuring, I will faced hardship which will help me to grow and I will survive.

I have made an impractical choice. I have taken a different road.


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