Rise and Shine

Have you ever wonder what is the key to kick-start your day; to get the most out of your daily routine. Some people even without a motivational speaker inspiring them, they can just get up and go in the morning without a second thought, bounding out of bed at the first alarm and humming as they get ready for work. Unfortunately, the rest of us are not graced with that particular gift.

The key to get the most out of your fucking boring daily routine is getting motivated in the morning. From them moment you barely open your eyes to turn off the alarm up to the moment you drink your morning coffee. But beware, this can be one of the hardest challenges of our day, and it often takes a little bit of extra kick in the nuts to roll out of bed and start the day. Getting motivated doesn’t have to be the worst part of your day, however, and there are ways to improve your morning routine without losing sleep – or wanting to throw your alarm out of the window or just set it on fire.

Take your time

First thing when the alarm goes off, instead of hitting snooze and going back to sleep, lie on your back and take several deep breaths. While this may seem counter-productive to getting up, this actually increases the flow of oxygen to the brain and the bloodstream, and can make you feel more awake almost instantly. Take your time! I mean do not rush, keep calm and take your precious fucking time. Deep breathing help in putting you into a conscious yet relaxed state, which means your brain; is awake, but not overly stressed or anxious about the upcoming day. Once you have taken a few deep breaths, get the fucking up. Move from your goddamn bed and you go about your day successfully energized.

Don’t be negative, be positive

Keep your mind positive. Positive thinking has been shown to work wonders for self-motivation and personal attitude. Instead of rolling out of bed dreading the hectic work day ahead of you, or griping about the your boring lectures nor your god-damned office mate. Find something to look forward to instead. By focusing on the positive rather than the negative, it is easier to find motivation quickly, and sustain it throughout the course of your day. Yeah, the class and lectures might suck, but you get to stare at the most beautiful girl in your class. Or if you are working, you may learn something productive at work that can make your daily schedule much easier. Thus, start your day by thinking positive, and let the motivation flow. It is one of the best investments, it pays.

Goals, inspiration and excitement

The moment you feel your day are total slump, it means that you have too much going on in your daily life. The key is to set up daily goals; what do you want to achieve? How can you achieve it? But, do not engage yourself with too much goals, too much expectation. Keep it simple, the common mistake that people make; they try to take on so much, try to accomplish too many goals at once. It will drain your energy and your motivation. Come on, keep it simple guys. Once you set your goal, find some inspiration to get up and achieve your fucking goal. Inspiration may come in many ways, some would look upon other people, some might find it in magazine, and some would get the inspiration while sitting in the toilet. But my key for inspiration is myself; I look upon what have I achieved yesterday, I looked upon what I can do better today. Constant improvement is important and no one is better than you. Do not set yourself a limit. You are a wonderful creature. You are a beast; magical beast from whatever land. Goal is set, inspiration found. Now get excited for what you are going to do! Kick start your day.

Make it your fucking habit

Getting up early in the morning is already a tricky task, but getting up early in the morning with the right motivation is almost impossible task for a mere human. Remember, you are no mere human. You are destined for great things. Once you begin to practice it, it becomes second nature. While it may seem strange and unnatural at first, it quickly becomes a habit that is easily integrated into your everyday life. By starting motivation early, and keeping it consistent throughout the day, it’s easy to develop a more positive, enlightening view of the world and keep the days going, creating easier and lasting tricks that can improve the quality of life overall.


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