Making decision is not easy – there will always be a lot of choices and to be making  the right choice of solution is not an easy task. It is the same for every decision that we made in this life either to choose where to eat, to choose the right house, the right job. Everything must be right. Everyone wanted everything to be perfect. The reality is every choice that we made will bring consequences and life will be perfect if you choose to accept the consequences as they were.

What will you do if you have a Jam Jar that cannot be open (hard to be open) and a Table that constantly rocking due to Warped table leg ? What will be your solution ? If I were the one need to made the choice to solve the issue – I can either buy an new Jam and a new Table but I will lose some of my money. I can also smash the Jar to the floor and slowly take time to collect the Jam – it will take more time and effort. I can steal other people’s table – but there will be consequences. I can also go to gym everyday – do some work out until I able to open the Jar lid. I can go to carpenter and learn how to fix the table and fix it myself.

From all the option above, non of them it the right one but it can be right depending on the person’s needs. If they have money – they can choose to buy it. If they have time – they can choose to repair it themselves, take it slow and solve the issue.

As I said earlier, every thing we do or make will bring consequences and it is depending on us on how we accept the consequences from the choices that we made. Even the simplest things like opening a Jar can bring consequences what more we can expect from other big decisions in life.

Do not afraid to be who you are and be prepared to accept consequences that comes to you.


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