Recently, I have under a lot of pressure – choosing next path in career, finding new house to live and typical work pressure. My team has been getting smaller each day due to company shutdown. Task keep increasing as people are leaving. Too much task, too much pressure. With a lot to cope, I turn to people around me asking for some kind of motivation.

Indeed it does help. Having people around you – positive people that able to guide, help and motivate is essential. I am lucky to be having a good support group that includes my family and college friends. We talk a lot, share a lot and provide solution to each other problems.

Back to the my issue – a lot of pressure. When under a lot of pressure, do not panic – keep your head straight and move forward. Nobody going to wait for you, nobody going to pity you. All you have to do is pick your self up, and follow the flow.

I know a guy named Carbon – a useless usually unattractive guy, no skills, never adored that have gone through a lot of pressure – turn out to be one of the most attractive, most sought guy ever and change his name to Diamond. Aside from a guy named Gold, everybody was chasing Diamond for it’s value and and of course look. This could not be achieve if Carbon was not under a lot of pressure (725,00 pounds per square inch to be precised). He under a lot of pressure, he stay – keep his heads up and boom ! change his to Diamond after those sparkling come out of his entire body. Fucking Carbon.

All in all, brace the pressure and accept the change. Who knows you turn out to be a sought after too.


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