I am Sam and I just turned 17 and I have a disease called Progeria. So, I am here today to share with you my philosophy for happy life.

I always try to have something to look forward to, something to strive for, to make my life richer.

It does not have to be big, it could be anything from looking forward to the next comic book to come out or going on a large family vacation or hanging out with my friends to go to the next high school football games.

However, all of these things keep me focused and know that there is a bright future ahead and maybe get me through some difficult times – that I might be having.

How this mentality┬áincludes staying in the forward thinking state of mind, I try hard not to waste energy feeling badly for myself because when I do – I get stuck in paradox, where there is no room for any happiness or any other emotion.

Now, it is not that I ignore when I am feeling badly, I kind of accept it.

I let it in, so that I can acknowledge it and do what I need to do to move past it and sometimes I have to be brave and it was not always easy.

Sometimes, I faltered, I had bad days, but I realized that being brave is not supposed to be easy.

And for me, I feel the key way to keep moving forward. I feel that no matter what I choose to become, I believe that I can change the world and as I am striving to change the world – I will be happy.

SAM BERNS (OCT ’96 – JAN ’14)


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