How much time and energy we waste as we spend it to examine our lives? Our minds works like attention-seeking narrators inside our heads, creating stories about ourselves and others. They analyse our lives and judge our experiences as good or bad and right or wrong. What’s more, these stories often involve negative thoughts such as “today was a bad day”, “I shouldn’t feel this way”, “I did the wrong thing”, “this person is irritating”, “I’m not good enough”.

This is not surprising because it is what minds naturally evolved to do – and they are very good at it! In fact, we depend on them for so many aspects of our lives. They enable us to protect ourselves from danger, solve problems, figure out the best speech to talk, imagine and innovate or even writing shit blog. Our minds are indeed one of the greatest creation – the unsolvable mystery.

However, it is tiring. This constant menace of our lives can sometimes become quite irritating ? Don’t you sometimes wish you could quieten your mind or even just “switch it off”? I think most of us feel this way at times.

I was recently lucky to spend a few days on the beautiful East Coast of Malaysia – my hometown. I traveled across three different states – Pahang, Terengganu & Kelantan.


My mind was obsessively assessing the working day’s events, future plan and other shit. I felt stressed and irritated. I just wanted some peace and quiet. I decided to stop by my sister’s house – spend a quality time with my niece and in-laws and made the conscious decision to bring my attention to what was going on around me. It was refreshing. A quick stop by, a quick move away from the dust and the deafening sound of traffic – away from city – close to family.


The first thing I noticed was how incredibly calm everything was. I listened to the gentle laugh of my niece. I watched how she dance, run around and giggles around me with amazing joy – with nothing to worry about – no work to do later – no class to attend later – no assignment due. I noticed how I missed my childhood. We can never turn back time – it is time to appreciate. It was as if the surrounding landscape were whispering to me: “everything is going to be OK”. I felt instantly comforted and relieved as my mind started to settle.


As I continue my journey – after a 4 hours drive along the East Coast of Malaysia Peninsular. I stop by Penarek Beach – near Redang Island Jetty. A calming breeze and the feels of sands on my feet reflect on one of the many reasons why I love being in nature: the natural world doesn’t make me feel under pressure or demand anything of me.


When I am in nature, I feel free to be myself and let go of any insecurities or inhibitions. In contrast to our society, the natural world doesn’t assess, classify, analyse, examine and judge events as good nor bad and right or wrong. In wild places, life just takes its course with no particular purpose, direction or intention. It will always be sure to remind me how uncomplicated, peaceful and beautiful life can be.


I have reached Kelantan – my hometown. As I sat on that rock in the evening light at Senok Beach, I was reminded of the simple joy of just being. The swallows continued their veering flight across the sky in the distance, the beautiful twilight, the warm breeze continued to softly brush against my skin and the sea continued to flow in its bed.


There was nothing more to life than this. For a short moment, my mind was quiet again. I felt present, alive and free.


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