Nothing to do, nothing to chase and nothing to work for. It has been several days since I decided to step down from my position as IT Support and also as a IT Teacher due to some circumstances. I was in my lowest position now – I have no work, I need to leave my current rented-room and I really have nothing to strive for. My motivation has been wore off. It seems like there no more light – for me.

I spent my time laying on bed, watching the same Youtube video, listening to music with nothing productive has been accomplished. It is tiring, it is sad. I don’t know how to get out of this situation – deep inside I was screaming so hard that I hope someone would come and help to pick me up and then I realize that I am wasting my time waiting for someone to help me up – while in fact I can just get myself up, put the past aside and move on with my life. I know it is hard but I realize that I need to be stronger – than before.

It’s really difficult when you feel like you don’t have anyone to reach for – but remember that you will always have God beside you and that is more than enough.

I started to spent my time doing little things that I used to do – pick up some brush and paint on a canvas, started sketching again and read more just to pass the time. It’s worked – at least for me. Again I put down a paper – write down things I want to achieve in near future. List all the possibilities and I will work hard to achieved it started with finding a new job – today. I want to chase all the possibilities, I will never stop and I will keep the lights shine for me.


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