Have you ever been in love? So deep in love that you sacrifice everything you have but in the end it was not meant to last forever. I have – several times really, I have been in relationship and then out of relationship again and then found myself clinging to one person and then it breaks me down. The circle goes on and on. It is frustrating and weakening and tiring – I have to admit it. But, it is the only thing that keep me going for more – to find the true one. If your trust has been betrayed by someone in the past, you may find yourself spending valuable time and energy focusing on how to not be let down once again. After all, a person’s trust is valuable and it can be hard to feel open again once yours is broken.

All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us – Gandalf

However, for every instance your trust is betrayed, that may just be more reason to keep putting yourself out there and try again with someone new. People are not perfect. We will let each other down, sometimes in irreparable ways. However, the people we love often build us up, keep us going during the tough times, and make the best moments even better. The people we love may even be the main reason we get out of bed in the morning, the reason we stayed up late and the reason we do silly things – and that is the things that build us who we are today.

This is why you should keep trusting and letting new people into your life, even if you haven’t always found it successful in the past. Because for every time you are let down, you are one step closer to meeting a special someone, or a great group of people, who will make an impact in your life for the better.


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