Have you been spending too much time in the future? Planning what you want to achieve? When you are going to get married and such. Finding yourself in a perpetual state of worry or anxiety about upcoming events or situations? Or daydreaming about that future achievement that will finally result in that happiness or peace of mind that you so desire? “Once I get that amount of salary, then I’ll be satisfied.” “Once I lose or gain certain amount of weight, then I’ll be happier.” “Once I complete this goal, I’ll have a more enjoyable life.” – Any of those bullshit sound familiar?

As humans, it is our instinct to always be looking ahead – to analyze whatever dangers might be around the corner or to recognize patterns to better predict and prepare for what might be coming next. This ability to analyze is brainwashed into us, and it can cause us a lot of unwanted anxiety and maybe causing more harm than good to us. I am not saying that planning for future is a bad step but too much of focusing on uncertainty might not bring you any good. It is good to see things clearer better and it can be achieved by widening your perspective, opening your minds. To see better of what given in front of you – in front of us. I remember one of the the famous Malays proverb which means that sometimes we are too worried about the uncertain future and tends to forget what we have on our hand today. At last we will lose both.

Kuman di seberang lautan kau nampak, Gajah di depan mata kau buta – Malay Proverb

Planning for the future is important – we must be able to see where our daily actions are and will take us in 5, 10, 20+ years – we must have a plan for our future growth and achievement. But it’s important to recognize that we must not spend so much time there that we forget to live for today – that we stay lost in thoughts and worries about tomorrow, and miss the enjoyment, fulfillment, and love that surrounds the NOW.

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I remember when I was around 19 years old, I got a friend of mine – a colleague since I was in high school he was indeed a genius – always got a good score in exam. Upon entering pre-university, he met with one girl which end up being his girlfriend at that time. They were planning to get married as soon as possible and my friend end up neglecting his study to focus on doing part time job to save some money for the wedding. It was sweet – but not for long, his girlfriend end up getting expelled from university for missing up too many classes – followed by him and their relationship also end half-way. Luckily, he manage to get a new permanent job – work his ass off and get married (the date is today), with someone else of course. I wish him a happy marriage and may God bless the marriage. The point is, do not worry too much about the future – if the time was right, we will get what we always want. Be patience – because great things comes to those who wait.

That happiness that you seek? It’s present today – it’s hidden within your perspectives, your focus, and your gratitude. It’s woven within your philosophy of life, your approach towards others, and your attitude about your current circumstances. Know that the best way to ensure your future happiness is to simply bring it with you. So each day you wake up, make that conscious choice to live that day in happiness. A great future is build with in each seconds of your life that you take. A happy life can only be lived one day at a time.


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