For so many people good health is a given. It’s something that’s not given a second thought and often, it’s even taken for granted. Like everything in life, in the span of a moment health can be turned upside down. As for myself I have seen countless of my close families struggling with a sudden new reality in regards to their loved ones.

One minute the ones closest to them were in perfect health and then in the blink of an eye they are now severely ill, incapacitated or on the brink of death. Injuries and diseases often occur without any warning. A perfectly healthy child suddenly becomes ill and passes away. A healthy adult has a cardiac arrest suddenly left in brain dead state. And the families struggle to cope and internalize what has happened.

Last week I was diagnosed with severe throat infection that left me having difficulty to breath due to flu and cough caused by overly attached to nicotine – yes, it was smoking habit. It was not a big deal – it just a fever, a flu and cough – everyone got that. Today I received a news from my sister that my niece was admitted to local medical center due to high fever. Imagine even it is just a fever, but it was hard for me to hear that a little child – 2 years of age admitted in the place and need to be watched all night.


Yes, indeed it is a small thing, but have we ever stop for a while and thing – what if something bigger is coming on our way ? What if one fine day, we were walking down the road and boom – a heart attack. What if my smoking habit affecting people around me ? I realize I need to change the way I live, I need to stop all the bad habit.

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? – Quran 55:13

Health is a gift, from our creator – He can decide to take it away anytime without you know it and when the time has come, are you prepared ? Are we prepared ? Am I prepared ?


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