Would you rather enjoy today, or have great memories tomorrow and forever? A trip to memory lane. Today I got a chance to be re-united with most of my friends since our college day – it was at one of my friend’s wedding – the one I mentioned in my previous post. It was wonderful as we got to spent time together and do things like we used to do when we were a college student – we joke together, we spent the night together and get a chance to play futsal like we used to although one of us get injured. It brought back all the sweet memories we have when we were all young and free from any kind of commitments.



Reminiscing memories. Should we optimize decision making in life to have great experiences in the moment or to create great memories to look back on later? They are not the same thing; to get one you may have to trade off on the other. In other words, often times if you want to maximize the likelihood of experiencing pleasure in the present means you minimize the likelihood of creating a great memory to look back on in the future – because most great memories not really a pleasuring one at that time. Mostly it was the shittiest experience on that day which later on turn to joke in the future  – something worth remembering.


Spending the time together with my boys – we joked on how I messy I was during my youth, how we used to play games late at night and get punished for missing classes the next day, a stories on how we got caught smoking at the campus and all shitty things that we do. It was not a nice experience at that moment but a memories that worth to be remembered.


I am lucky to have this circle in my life – they were my pillars when I was on my lowest point. They were always there – lending hand to reach me to bring me up. They are worth keeping. It was nice to have someone that you can hold on to, reach out to whenever you need them – and I will always be there for them too.


I judge travel by the density of the memories it creates. Why? Because memories underpin meaning – James Fallow

These circle that I have is my gold sack, a journey with the most memories – my precious . It’s when I look back on all that I’ve experienced that my life with them feels most meaningful. I revel in the sweep of nostalgia. Ultimately, I think memories matter most. We are the stories we tell ourselves.

But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best – Marilyn Monroe

And I will always be there for all of you.


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