At one stage on our lives, we might had stumble upon one friends whom will irritate us, the most annoying one and the one whom make us look less cool with them – much like having arm pit hair. That is why most of us trying to get rid of our arm pit hair – it is hairy, annoying, sweaty and smelly and of course no one ever look so good and so cool with that much hair under their arm pit.

But remember, sometimes things or people that we did not favor very much – is always the one who always be there for us. I have one too. He is the most annoying person I have ever met – the way he speak, the things he said and his body language – it is the most annoying thing I see or hear. Not a day past without me wanted to land my small sized fist right on his face – but I have to admit among all the flaws that I see in him, he will always be the one to be on my side in the most needed time.


Regardless in any circumstances, either me does not have enough money to eat or me trying to tackle a girl – he will be there to help me and assist me. Becoming my wing man.

Much like arm pit hair, we try so hard so much time to shave it – to get rid of it but it is one of the thing that protect us – a silent hero. Much hated but the one who will be the first to protect us. During hot days, the armpit hair will help to reduce friction between our skin and give us comfort yet we still keen to get rid of them. Skin constantly rubbing against skin can cause major discomfort to our sensitive bits, and armpit hair will be the first to act as the barrier against such rashes and irritation and also reducing the chances of acquiring any skin disease. A silent hero.

I’m not perfect. And who knows how many times I’ve fallen short. We all fall short. That’s the amazing thing about the grace of God. – Tim Tebow

It is time to appreciate everything, every person and accept all the flaws that they have because not everyone including me is perfect but by accepting the way of each things or person behave – we can truly reach or taste the perfectness of life.


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