In previous post I have wrote about being alone and what can we achieve by being alone. Yes it is a way for us to figure out our own capabilities, to figure out what we can do and how we can achieve it. But sometimes even Superman need helps from others.

Superman – a man of steel with load of abilities either flying across the globe in matter of time, shooting laser through eyes, bounce bullet with bare bodies nor punch a hole through a building. The most toughest man although yes it is fictional and comical but yet even in comic – Superman too need others. Even the strongest one let alone us.

I myself considered myself a lone ranger – I prefer to work alone but at sometime I needed to admit that working with other people can also benefits me a lot. We were born with our own specialties and weaknesses and often sometimes we think that we can handle all task given for us without realizing we are actually burdening our self and sometimes push our body, mind and soul to its limit and eventually breaks us.

The only way to avoid this is by being alone – to figure out you strength and weaknesses and then be with someone who can complete you. Someone who you can complete them too because everything were created in paired like Eve is created for Adam. No one is ever born perfect but being with someone else, having a circle of your own you can feel perfect and complete.

And of all things We created two mates; perhaps you will remember. – Quran 51:49

Some of us are to arrogant to accept other people in our life. We are so into the idea that we can do everything without others help. I am not saying that we should always give out our task or job to someone else but if the task is beyond our capabilities – why not we seek help and maybe we can also learn a thing or too.


But for some it is not due to arrogance ; some were afraid to put trust and believe in other people. I understand that it will take time to put a trust, to give and gain believe from other but by mingling around, learn their abilities and trustworthy we can achieve better and might as well create a strong sacred manacles between us and others.

All you needed to discover your true power lies in believing one another – Master Splinter

After all trusting others or working out with other takes a lot but believe me it would help you in so much way. I couldn’t help wondering how many other things can change in my life if I had not being so quick to write people off. Sometimes, I find myself in a position to realize when I have misread people and rightly kick them off – putting me off with upcoming opportunities. It is time to change – learn to trust people, build up that sacred binding and started to work with others; it is worth it.


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