He waited for a long time – sitting alone by the corner of the same street – where they first met ; sipping a cup of tea waiting for his date, his love ; his one true soul. He craved the sight of her eyes, the beauty of her smile and the smell of her perfume. He misses her. She is not coming – never again.

Along the way in our short, unexpected life – we met with a lot of people. Some would stay for a while but create a lot of good memories, some would stay on a good shiny day and quickly left during rainy days, some would carve our heart and a stay there forever.

Sometimes – we tend to let our heart open for people ; we let people come into our life, dictates what we have to do. Often people would take advantage of it. I have done the same too. I once met with a girl – she was nice, a good young lady, heart warming and gentle.

I remember the first time we met – it was in 2010 because I want her to help me on my personal problems. She was there; spending her time day and night – listening to my problem and giving solution. She was there all the time – lunch, dinner or even supper. We have a good relationship but not a special one – at least that what i felt. I can not say the same for her.

We spend most of the time together – until at one moment I felt that I have no more need of her. I have solved my personal problems. I was a douche bag. I am not proud of it – as I looked back to what I have done. She was there when I was in my shittiest day – and I left. Leaving her with a broken heart. I even ignored all the calls, text and even avoid to see her.


Fast forwarding to 2017, I was not the same man – but the cycle of life never stops. What I did to others comes back to haunt me. The karma. I was at my lowest point of life. People comes to me for my help and straightly leave me. They would come to share their sadness and leave me. But, little did I know – the girl from the past 7 years is still here ; willingly listening to my problem again. But this time is different, I would treat her with respect and honor her effort. She already move on with her life – I wish her the best for all her sincerity to listen and give her time to those in need.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. – Wayne Dyer

I admired her – no matter how bad a person had treat her ; she still willingly be there to help other, open her heart to listen – even from a douche bag like me. I am inspired. Live can be burdening – opening your heart to others would be a suffering but with honesty, sincerity; we would be able to draw a smile on others people face. Be their savior. The silent samurai whose cut people’s sadness and replace it with a carve of smile on their face.

Don’t expect to get anything back, don’t expect recognition for your efforts, don’t expect your genius to be discovered or your love to be understood. Act because you need to act. – Paulo Coelho

And believe if we do good to other we will get the reward and if we do bad to people ; the karma will hit right in your face.



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