“Hey mom, looks at me – I am flying, I am a bird” He is running around the playground extending his hand and flapping it like a bird. She smiled, hugged him tightly and whisper “You can be anything you want hon – as long as you wanted it so much”. She knows that one day she would need to let him go – to face the world.

A dream. Something created out of inspiration. Everyone had a dream – everyone dreams at least once in their life to be someone, to achieve something or to do something. It is something that push us forward, a kick in the nut – something that made us strive.

silhouette of a mother and son who play outdoors at sunset backg

Since I was little I have believed nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams. I always thought about my dreams and my goals and believed that I could strongly achieve them. When I was in my primary school, like most of other Malaysian kids – I dream of becoming a soldier. I remember how every evening I would be in a war with my friends – shooting other kids handmade with wooden gun. We would hide in bushes around our house, climb a tree to find a perfect spot for ambush. I was so into the idea of being a soldier, a tough guy – the movie Terminator and Toy Soldier was part of it. I was inspired by it.

As I grew older bit by bit, I realized my dream changes as I see another thing – I widen my perspective. I was inspired by other task, job, idea and people. Once I dream of becoming a doctor, a teacher or even the next Malaysian Prime Minister. Imagine that one day I would hold a title in my name : Dato’ Sri Dr. Rafiq Zain – it sound nice actually.

Dream will never be crushed. It is not a physically exist things like car, house or whatever. It exist – but deep in your heart. Sometimes, we often blame other thing for our failure to achieve what we dream of. The external factor – without us realizing that the one who have responsibility, the authority upon our dream is our own self. We are the one who created it or break it.

Do not look upon other people to help us and certainly what more important is do not blame other people if we cannot achieve our dreams. All they can do is supporting us and it is our job have to always realize that all the dirty work, the hard task should be done by us – to achieve that dream.

My parent, my friend have always been supportive. They keep telling me, “You can do it, don’t ever give up keep chasing your dreams. You are as good to be as everyone else. It made me feel that I can be a successful person if I never give up and keep doing my best. This made me feel good about myself and proud because I know that I have what it takes to be successful.

I think that everyone should believe and achieve their dreams and not let anything stop them from reaching your goal. I am, to this day, still trying to reach dreams by doing my best and working hard. I know that I am going to be successful.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. – Colin Powell

Achieving your goals or dream, is about the confidence you have in yourself and the choices you make. I use this belief everyday because I always try to have confidence in myself. Nothing will come between me and my dreams because I believe in myself. Weave your dream with courage, effort and never give up. Be your own dream weaver.


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