You go first – I am too old for this shit

Remember those lines  by Roger Murtaugh an aging detective played by Danny Glover on movie Lethal Weapon ? He said it in almost every scene he was in – either he is being ask to jump from a building or on even a car chase. Towards the end of the last movie sequel there is scene with his fellow younger detective partner  – Martin Riggs played by Mel Gibson ; as his fellow friend convince him that they was never too old for anything. All he needed to do is to believed it.


Riggs : It is hard to say this.. but
Roger : You’re getting too old for this shit
Riggs : Yeah,
Roger : How about that? Finally
Riggs : Oh no it can’t be, I’m only..Jesus
Roger : Yeah, you’re only… can’t be the clock Riggs
Riggs : Well,what do i do?
Roger : Accept it, like I do.
Riggs : Nah, bullshit – bullshit. No I am not going to accept it. No, I am not.
Riggs : I am will it not to happen – I am not too old for this shit. You not too old for this shit.
Riggs : We are not too old for this shit.
Both : We are not too old for this shit.
Riggs : Say it like you believe it.
Roger : We are not too old for this shit.
Riggs : Yeah, Yeah.
Both : We are not too old for this shit.

Growing older is growing wiser. We learn more – by experiencing more. But does it mean that we have to hold back on taking chances, do something crazy or pursuing a new dream when we are older. Most of us thought it is the wisest choice to hold back to avoid future failures and disappointments. We become too content to stay in our comfort zone.

It is easy to give up on a dream reasoning we are too old, or it’s silly, or worry we will fail, or worry about what others will think. A lot of energy goes into those thoughts. Why not put the energy into the task of setting a new goal or dreaming a new dream by doing a new thing, experiencing a new environment, places or job?


My mom used to owned a small cafe when she was 20 – not long after that she decided to close the cafe as she wanted to focus on managing the house chores and tending her children – all 8 of them. My mom is a business minded person – she would trade anything, sell anything but as our family getting bigger ; she decided to put her passion and interest on halt.

She is now 53 years old – her sons and daughters has grown up and have their own life. She continue pursuing her passion – it was never too late for her. She started by selling ready-made food, she venture into clothing industry, she open a mini market and she even started to produced and sell frozen food on large scale when all her children expected her to just rest at home after those past years of tending and nurturing her children. I was inspired. She never gave up on her dream. She is not afraid ; never afraid of failure and disappointment. My inspiration – the iron lady.

Inspired by mother – I am sure, it’s not easy. It is not easy to start a new dream ; taking chances. Sure, others may talk. And there’s a chance she might fail. But what matters is that she resolve to keep chasing her dream. Why? Because for her every failure is leading her closer to success.  And indeed, we are never too old for anything.


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