“Mom, I am 26 not 6 years old – I can do things on my own!” He screamed his lungs out full of disappointment. “Please don’t treat me like a child, I am a grown man. It is time for to choose what’s best for me.” He slammed the house door as he picks up his bag and move out of the house. She wiped her tears as she watch her son go.

How old is old and how young is young? Each years passed on our life – since the day we learn how to speak, learn how to walk, the day our father teaches us how to ride a bike up until the day we sit for our first job interview and the day we getting married. We are getting older but are we wiser?

So what is being wise? Is it come with a degree certificate? Is being wise is when you get A’s in all subject that you take? Am I wise enough if I able to finished my school ? Am I wise enough if I get a Phd ? Am I less wise if I did not graduated?

I remember finishing my high school – I was eager to face the world outside ; I thought it is a wise decision – to show people that I am strong enough to beat the shit that will come on my way. I was 17 at that time, finishing school with nothing to do on daily basis – waiting for the result of my final examination.

I feel stuck, alone with nothing to do – I want to do something. Is this life after school ? I want to work – but my parent insist that I stayed at home first for a few month. It is boring, stuck in a room with nothing to do except online gaming. One day, I decided to get out of my home – find me a part time job ; my mom was furious – she cannot believed that I decided to do that. I was getting scolded ; but being teenagers at that time – little did i know about the outside world.

I stayed on my choice – thinking that I am old enough and matured enough to carry the burden on my shoulder. My work place was 2 hours ride from my home – so I have decided to move out from my home and rent a room nearby my work place. I work as a waiter at local resort – getting paid around RM 4 per hour. I thought I can make it.


I was wrong – so damned wrong. I am not wise enough. Being a waiter – you does not have to get a degree in Waitering or whatever. All you need to have is – to commit with your work. I got bill to pay. Never I thought that growing up is going to be this difficult. Not long after that – few months later, I found myself in a deep shit – I barely have money to eat nor to enjoy during my free time. Rightly, I regret my decision.

I went back to my home ashamed of my decision. I was lucky to have such understanding parent as they were supportive and they are proud that I have taken such decision to work – as even for a short time I was able to learn about the real life. Learn what it takes to be responsible of something. Learn to be a man and indeed I have learn a lot. I need to be wiser.

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. – George Bernard Shaw

Being wise is being able to put things on the right place. A wise man are not determined on how many degree he or she had. How many paper have they published. It is about doing the right thing – be able to fully justified our decision, being able to hold onto our responsibility. For example a country leader is not wise enough if he unable to provide justice for the people, an accountant is not wise enough if he use his knowledge for bad things – being wise is being able to put things on the right place.

Some of us was  so eager to prove that they are able – just like me. Some would rush to get a job, some would rush to get married and some would just like to move out from their parent house to show that they are grown up. It does not matter how old you are – but it is important to judge how wise you are. To be able to put things on right place, to be able to be committed to our own commitment, to be able to use on knowledge for good.

Some at their 30s or 40s still working with people and some at early 20s has been able to open their own business. For some of us – it will take us only 3 or 4 years to finished our degree but 2 or 3 years to find job. For some, they take longer time to finished their degree but managed to get a job rightly after. I learn something that each person grew at their own phase. Do no rush things – things will come for you if the time was right.

9 years had passed, I am now a fully grown up. I know that life is hard but one thing that I realized is that we can choose on how to live our life. I am glad as up until now, I still can depend on my parent for advice and help. It is good to know that you have someone to lean on – to support you – to love you indefinitely and that someone is your parent. They will love you forever and I hope that one day I can repaid them. I hope I can be wiser.


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