Making choice in life is much like choosing your favorite type of boobs. There are so many option, so much to choose from and yet you never know what you got up until you pull down the bra.

Truth to be told – you will never know what type of boobs that you like the most up until you have taste all of it. But that is life – once you made a choice ; it is hard to go back from what you have choose. You have got what you choose – either it is the good thing or a bad thing, either it is a perfectly perky boobs or saggy boobs ; atleast you have got something in your hand and remember that you are the one that make full of what you have. To enjoy your choice in life and to be grateful.


Put on your mind that with every choice or things that you got in hand – there will be a plus and minus. No matter how great or bad it is. Much liked boobs – if you get your hand on a perfectly nice boobs you will ended up getting more competition as there will be a lot of men who would want to grab that away from you ; they will want to take it away from you. But if you ended up with lesser choice – it will not be that satisfying for you but the good thing is no one going to take that away from you.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize that they were the big things – Robert Brault


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