It has been so long since I am able to post on this blog with ease. Typing all the words using my beloved keyboard. Each stroke on the alphabet feel special. For the last two post I have been updating this humble blog using my phone. It is a bit uncomfortable for me, but for the sake of my readers – if there is anyone at all ; I go through the hardship to update it for you.

But now, I now can again feel the excitement of expressing what I feel inside me, the thing on my mind and visualize it through words on this blog. Now I am back. I have been having issue with my network connection as I am now moving to a new place – my brother home. The network here is a bit slow ; but worry not as I already subscribed to the new network provider in town. Unifi – the fastest internet connection in Malaysia.

There is nothing much going on around me as currently is the fasting season known as Ramadhan by Muslim all around the world – so as a Muslim ; I also enjoin the festive by observing my duty to fast and perform good deeds during this season. Fasting season for me is like taking a short break to give us a peaceful thought, healthier body and a time to turn to our Creator – to embrace things that are given to us all this time.

As I am now back to the digital world – where everything can be reach by a finger tips. I have got some request from my friends for me to help them design their resume. Without any hesitation, I agreed to help them and it has been a while since I last design anything.

Resume Zafitra

So this is one of my work. I always have trouble finding the right combination for colors thus I often goes with the easiest one. Black and white. A simple one. Although it is only a simple task, simple job, simple help – it always feels good to help someone in need. It feels good to have things to do. Something to achieve. I can not wait to start working again. To be able to look forward to the future. I can not wait for the return.


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