This weekend has been on of the most productive weekend since for me since April 2017 I guess. After a busy week undergoing 1 month software training at my new workplace – I got to spent my weekend with my friends, my previous office-mate and my long time no see high school buddy.


I got a call from my high school mate on the previous Thursday night – asking for me to help him launch his online business. At first I was a bit shock – as I know him as a shy guy. Someone who is quiet – and he still is. He asking me for a favor to teach him to built his business website. As it is a new venture without a clear prospect on how much money he can generate – I suggested that he proceed by using free online material as a marketplace namely social media.

Thus, we set up a meeting at my old house on Saturday – discussing on the prospect of business margin and how he going to make money from it. We shared a lot – discussing on how to kick off the business and how to promote it online. I did teach him a few trick to start his online business starting from building a good company profiling, getting followers on Instagram and Facebook, maximizing SEO function and other shit.

As I already talked about this online social media business thing – I might as well share some of useful tips for you guys to try ; if you decided to start your own online business too.


Plan Your Shit

A well-planned approach to social media always works better than random social media activities. Your plan should inform all of the activities that you will run for your business on social networks. Start by writing down your business goals and branding objectives. Your social media plan should also address the following thing.

Regardless of whatever stuff your want to sell – first thing a potential buyers would like to see is “can they trust you” and indeed trust is a hard thing to get and a simple way is by branding – branding yourself. Share anything related to your business – show that you are really have a great knowledge on your product. Be the master on whatever things you want to sell.

If you want to sell foods – show people your daily task, how your prepare the meal and all the backstage activities. Make it into a catchy short videos on Instagram or whatever medium you want to use. Be a bit of show-off guy.

Find Your Marketplace

Many business owners spread themselves too thin by signing up for multiple social networks all at once. Take the time to understand some of the popular social networks before deciding which ones are right for you. Start by listening. Before setting up accounts for your business, create personal profiles on popular social networks and use them first as an individual.

Search for popular keywords related to your business or its products and get a sense of how each social network operates. Pay attention to the search results for these keywords to discover how people interact with these topics. Does your business figure into these discussions? Do you think there’s value in engaging with these people and conversations? This is how you can maximize SEO function. It is easy, try typing word related to your business online and look for the suggestion give by Google – those are the commonly used words (in your area) or you can sign in for Google Analytics to learn more about this shit.

Monitor and Measure What Matters

Monitoring and measuring are both critical to improving your social media performance and keeping in line with your goals and plan. But what specifically should you monitor and measure? Monitoring and measuring performance help you stay on track with your goals and strategies. It is not how many follower you have but more to how often your engagement with them. How often you create ads, promotion or share things to your follower and they react to it. Although you need keep an eye on your follower count for each social network, it is not the main number you want to focus on. Focus on the engagement counts.

Take a look at how people respond to your posts on your social channels. Do people respond to your content? What kinds of reactions do you see to your campaigns? What kinds of posts get the most engagement and how can you maximize these? It is okay to experiment with content on social media, as long as you can measure how much engagement you are generating and which one is the most effective.

Listen to what people are saying about your business across social networks. Every interaction is an opportunity to engage. Create multiple listening columns in your social media management tool such as mentioned on Twitter, tagged post on Facebook and Instagram to keep updated on potential client’s view on your product.

Acknowledge all of the appreciation and positive mentions that you receive. Encourage happy customers to talk about their experiences with your business on social media. If you find unhappy posts about your business on social media, use them as an opportunity to reach out.

Apart from monitoring the conversation around your business, also use social media to keep track of current trends. Staying in tune with trending topics can help you generate content ideas quickly.

In addition, use tools that let you research popular hashtags and discover trends and sentiment about any topic. This can be pretty handy when you want to create content around a specific theme.

I do hope that these things that I shared will come handy for my reader and I you guys do have any additional suggestion – comments and share it with me too.


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