Tonight I watch a football match – Asian Cup Qualifier between my country Malaysia versus Lebanon. After a new foreign coach has been elected to lead the team – as Harimau Malaya ; our National Football team nick name or in English it means Malayan Tiger aim to provided a boost, a step forward towards greater success. Malaysian team score the first goal early in the first half but as the game closes down Harimau Malaya let two simple goal from the opposition to bring the first defeat for the newly appointed coach.


As from my perspective – hiring a new coach ; a foreign one and an experienced coach is a good step forward but what more important is to build the mentality of Malaysian players. To instill the mentality to win match – to give it all. No matter how much you spent for the betterment of the team, it all goes back to who want it the most. Who prepare to give their all. Be like the real tiger ; a scary and never to hold back.

After scoring the first goal – Malaysian player’s seems content to just sit back allowing the opposition to control the majority of the match. It should have been different, the lead goal should have burn their desire to keep on going – to score more but it was the other way around.

I think the most important thing of all for any team is a winning attitude. The coaches must have it. The players must have it. The student body must have it. If you have dedicated players who believe in themselves, you don’t need a lot of talent. – Bear Bryant

Pride – the biggest problem. It is okay to be proud of what you have achieve but never to be proud of what you think you have achieve. Respect comes from result – the never ending spirit to get to the last minute. How many of us – work so hard to till the last drop of our sweat ? Often after reaching the limit we set upon our self ; we started to feel the proud. To think that that we are the best when in fact it is just a small achievement.

Aim higher ! Do better and commit you whole self in anything you do. Try to go past the limit. Try to work better than others. There is no use spending a lot of money to make you look good on the outside. It is like have the most sophisticated phone ever but never learn to actually use it to the fullest. It is like you buying the most expensive guitar yet never know and never aim to learn on how to play it. A waste.


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