Adam opened his eyes and looked into the beautiful face of a woman gazing down at him. Adam was surprised and asked the woman why she had been created. She revealed that she was to ease his loneliness and bring tranquility to him. The Angels questioned Adam. They knew that Adam possessed knowledge of things they did not know about and the knowledge mankind would need to occupy the earth. They said ‘who is this?’ and Adam replied ‘this is Eve’.


People who come up with this slang “Do not be a dick” must have some problem with his or the dick that they met in their life. For me, please be the biggest dick. Take a look at a dick and it’s function to our whole being on earth. Without a functioning dick – there will be no offspring of mankind to continue our journey on earth. Human will be on the verge of extinction. That much show how important is dick to human progress – and if you want to be a dick – or like a dick ; please be. Give something for the earth, for the human races.


In life – without us realizing, we are continously torturing ourselve and hurting other people. We spoke things we did not really meant it, we promise things we can not deliver and we built hope for other – a false hope.


Once we are faced with relationships that turn bad it is easy to remember that trust is like a paper once it is crumpled it can never be perfect again. Trust is like an eraser – it get thinner and thinner each time mistakes has been made. Trust is a very tricky thing with any relationships, and people use their own defense mechanisms to survive lies.


I wanted to be good, to excel, to get the best out of my life. I wanted to be recognized, to do something good for other people too. It does not have to be something big but enough to carve a smile on other people’s face. I realized that it need to start here – now or it will never be realized.


The two days I was there were amazing and the feeling was beautiful. The sight of the nature are a lot different than in Kuala Lumpur. The buildings for the most part are all very old, made of stone, and intricately designed. The towns were small with the buildings close together. You can see children running around playing – there was no rush, nothing to worry about, the beauty of green countryside. Towns are not as spread out as Kuala Lumpur and streets are much more narrow. The peaceful feeling, the sound of birds and the wind. No more traffic jam.